• Providing customized computer services for discerning customers.
  • Specializing in web 2.0 technologies.
  • Delivering extremely high value for unbelievably low cost.
  • Simple.

    Simple, elegant, solutions are easier to maintain and hold up better in the long run. High quality, documented, code and procedures make everyones lives easier. Thats why, at Rubix Consulting, Inc., shortcuts and sacrifices are not in the vocabulary.

  • Secure.

    Today, no project can afford to have weak security. Impeccable security credentials give customers of Rubix Consulting, Inc. confidence that the usual holes and bugs are avoided entirely, and the possibility of more advanced exploits are greatly reduced. Few consultants care for your proprietary information and liabilities more.

  • Development.

    Specializing in the latest web 2.0 and AJAX development methods. Rubix Consulting, Inc. makes your project look great. Other areas of expertise include PHP, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Perl, Drupal, JavaScript and more. If you need help designing computer networks, building low cost, high value web servers, or developing interactive web applications, send us an email with the contact form. Then we can start to discuss how we can deliver your project on time, on budget and beyond your expectations.

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